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bolitas, bulitas - ball bearings implanted around the head of the titi to increase the pleasure of the partner
Bomba - pornographic films of the early 70s.

Still from a bomba film of the 70s - with Vic Vargas and an unknown starlet

BTS - Bedtime Stories - Filipino porn, size of pocket book with stories either in Filipino or in English, usually mimeographed with poor reproductions of Swedish porn pictures interspersed among the pages. Usually sold in Quiapo and along C.M. Recto.
matris - mattress (pertaining to uterus) but in this case means throat (sward speak)
namamasang kiki - wet vagina, a better, more descriptive phrase is Nagwa-watir-watir ang kiki as in nagwawatir- watir ang kiki ko! to describe someone who is really hunky in sward speak.
pene - short for penetration; Filipino pornographic filmsof the 80s. It was said that connoiseurs of porn films during this era would not watch movies if there weren't any pene (penetration) scenes.
pilik-mata ng kambing - goat's eyelashes - another accoutrement that is worn around the head of the dick to increase the partner's pleasure (see also bolitas)

Pilik mata ng kambing. Photograph taken from Colors Magazine - January 1997 issue

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