Tribung Pinoy's Philippine History 101

What's in a name I? The Philippines
What's in a name II? Filipino
What's in a name III? Pinoy
What's in a name IV? Flip
A Chronology of Philippine History: Philippine History in the Western World Context
Philippine History as told from a Filipino Viewpoint
The Philippines and the United States: An Historical Time Line
Asian and Filipino American Historical Time Line
Jim Zwick's Pages on the Philippine American War and other Philippine-related Topics
World War II Pictures
Brain Weight of Filipinos
Signs of Colonial Mentality
Who Really is the First Philippine President?
The Bloodiest Incidents in Philippine History
The Katipunan Code of Conduct
A Sense of History
Why it is bad to take a bath on Good Friday
Unusual Sex Practices of Early Filipinos
Pictures from Centuries Past
Philippine History links at Tanikalang Ginto
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Photos from the Homeland

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